Quality Ploicy


The Indian Standards Institution, a joint venture by the Government and Industry prepares standards through committees of manufacturers and users. These committees in which we take part produce documents which lay down the accuracy and quality of cables most suitable to the conditions of our country. Paragon Cables are manufactured strictly according to the Indian Standards and we have been granted permission to market every reel of Paragon Cable with I.S.I Mark. This approval is given after careful investigation by the Indian Standards Institution into the methods of manufacture and the facilities available for testing and quality control. Only as a result of such investigation the Company is allowed to put the I.S.I Mark on their product. The Bureau of Indian Standards maintain the quality by regular inspection in the factory and by testing of cables by an independent authority. Quality of our products has been of utmost importance since the very beginning. Our entire manufacturing procedure is modeled on ISO-9002 norms with complete traceability. We follow a stringent quality program in our manufacturing unit, whereby all our products are fully tested as per specifications.