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Paragon Group, founded by the respected S.N. Nagpal and Currently running by Siddhant Nagpal has completed 50 years of service to our country. Standing on this milestone we are happy to note that Paragon today enjoys the privilege of being the largest manufacturers of wires & cables in the small scale sector. Having worked for two and a half decades on cables we have gained experience and expertise to supply wires & cables to the most stringent of specifications. Our cables normally made to Indian and British standards, may also be designed to suit the particular requirements of our customers. We have held our ISI Licence Since 1978. Over the past years we have supplied cables to departments including almost all State Electricity Boards, Railways, Defence, Depptt. of Space, P & T, PWD, CPWD and others. Our cables are available on Rate Contract through D.G.S & D. Besides the departmental supplies, we have developed a nationwide network to facilitate sale in the open market. We have parallel productions lines for all sizes, thus enabling us to cater to urgent demands efficiently. The success of our group based largely on the hard work trade ethics and constant striving towards quality makes proud of ourselves. We have given special attention to Human Resource Development within our organization, resulting therein an excellent system, which has learnt from its own mistakes and today has become self propelling. We have developed in house fabrication division too, which caters to our requirement of machines and maintenance. Cables form the infrastructure of a developing economy. Our country having large resources of aluminium has been able to utilize it, thus becoming self sufficient in cables. We are proud to be a part of this process and pledge to work with all our might to help our nation achieve its goals.